the next generation of ceiling and walls

High-quality product designed to improve the performance of your interiors

In 1997, CLIPSO invented an environmentally-friendly solution for cold, dry ceiling and wall installations. communities with the most creative and technically advanced ceiling solutions on the market.

Product Line

So Color

CLIPSO stretch coverings guarantee better aesthetic results with a single piece of fabric without joints or seams.

So Acoustic

CLIPSO acoustic coverings are highly micro-perforated which allows for a high level of acoustic performance.

So Light

Adding a light source behind the covering creates a perfect design element for small or large-scale applications.

So Clean

Our coverings are kind to humans and the environment as they are guaranteed to be free of volatile organic compounds and cancer-causing atmospheric emissions.

So Deco

Take your interior surfaces one step further than traditional paint or wallpaper with original and customizable works of art.

So Aero

100% customizable; they can adapt to any design specifications and shapes in conjunction with the appropriate CLIPSO profiles

So Event

Due to its versatility and technical design possibilities, CLIPSO is ideal for tradeshow booths