NEWMAT Stretch System

a ceiling technology at its best

The new standard in stretch ceilings

Since 1986, NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling Systems have provided the architectural, design, acoustical, and lighting communities with the most creative and technically advanced ceiling solutions on the market.

Product Line


The Classic line consists of 150 membranes in various colors and finishes that are custom fabricated to fit your space


This perforated line can be used for aesthetic, acoustic, or air transfer purposes.


These are translucent membranes in various colors and transparencies that are meant to be backlit by any light source of your choosing.


This is the ultimate in custom design solutions. Any of the NEWMAT membranes can be digitally printed with a graphic of your choosing


This line offers a variety of micro-perforations that can be made on any of the NEWMAT membranes to provide exceptional sound absorption for optimal acoustical comfort.


This powerful anti-germ, anti-fungus, antibacterial, and self-deodorizing process is embedded in the mass of the NEWMAT membrane


This is an architectural mesh system that can be used for ceiling or wall applications. Unlike other NEWMAT products, it can be installed outdoors as well as indoors.


Ideal for wall applications, this fabric system is field cut and installed without any need for a heat source.